Lion Rank

Tiger Rank
(1st Grade)

Wolf Rank
(2nd Grade)

Bear Rank
(3rd Grade)

Webelos Rank
(4th Grade)

Arrow of Light
(5th Grade)

The highest award that a Cub Scout can earn is the Arrow of Light. This is accomplished during their last year in Cub Scouts. The Arrow of Light is very prestigious and is the only award a Cub Scout may wear on their BSA uniform when they “bridge” over to Scouts BSA.


Regardless of what age a child joins Cub Scouts, they must complete the requirements of the Bobcat badge. Three of the requirements for earning the Bobcat badge are to learn and recite the Scout Oath, the Scout Law and the Scout Motto. The Oath, the Law and the Motto outline the values that Cub Scouts learn to live by.

Note: If your child enters the Pack as a Lion (Kindergarten) they must wait until the beginning of their Tiger rank year (1st grade) to earn Bobcat.